Jaymie & Joshua’s Balingup Country Wedding

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Jaymie & Joshua’s Balingup Country Wedding

I still remember my first meeting with the lovely Jaymie. She had a really good idea of what she wanted. She was chasing a frock that would be suitable for their country wedding in the height of Summer. A tea-length wedding dress was ideal, great in the heat and also super practical! They are pretty much impossible to get dirty. Jaymie isn’t a frilly lass so she wasn’t keen on ‘lacy lace’, we had a play and went with the alternative look of textural 3D lace.

Jaymie initially wasn’t going to go with a veil but as the day got closer, she grew to like the idea of a ‘flyaway veil’. We made up the perfect little veil for her tea-length gown and I just adore this look, it just finished the dress!

I love hearing from each of my brides after their wedding, a big thank you to Jaymie for sharing some moments and photos from her special day.

What was your favourite moment on your big day?

That’s an easy one…most definitely the moment when we said our vows. We had written them ourselves, and had kept them secret from each other – the surprise element made it all the more special, and all the more teary! We wanted our wedding ceremony to be a very personal experience, and made sure we included lots of little quirks and jokes here and there – it was important for people to laugh with us, relax and take it all in.

 How did you find your venue?

We searched so many venues in Perth, but couldn’t settle on one that felt ‘like us’. We had visited and stayed at Jalbrook Cottages in Balingup many times to celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries, but it never crossed our minds to get married there until my best friend suggested it. Suddenly, we realised that it was the perfect place all along – a relaxed, casual atmosphere with stunning gardens and the most welcoming owners who’ve always treated us like family. We had always wanted a very inclusive wedding ‘experience’, and Jalbrook allowed us to get stuck into lots of DIY and have all hands on deck when it came to setting up the big day (Yes, we even had members of our bridal party climbing up trees to string festoon lights).

 How did your wedding dress make you feel?

I quickly discovered that my dress was made for dancing (and also for keeping cool on a 38 degree summer’s day!) – I felt so special wearing a gown that had been created just for me – I’d watched it come ‘alive’ from a little sketch on paper all those months ago, to become my gorgeous dress that captured the all vintage charm I’d imagined and put tears of joy in my husband’s eyes as he watched me walk towards him. When I look at my dress now (besides wanting to wear it all over again), I’m instantly transported back to the magical day where I got to flutter around in all that gorgeous that silk and lace, creating the happiest of memories with my loved ones – that’s a pretty great feeling!

Images by the clever folk at Still Love.

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