Claire’s Elegant Silk Wedding Gown

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Claire’s Elegant Silk Wedding Gown

We created a stunning lace and silk wedding gown for Claire’s wedding. The gown relied on the sheer beauty of the silk dupion fabric. It provided such a lovely fitted silhouette and then plenty of drama at the hem. The illusion lace neckline finished the elegant look. And wow, just look at those buttons down the back!!

I just adore their venue, Victoria Hall in Fremantle. Definitely worth a look if you are seeking a beautiful old building for your wedding!

Images: Melissa Mills Photography

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Claire & Brendan’s Wedding Venue // Victoria Hall, Fremantle

We had three key needs for our wedding location – that we could have both the ceremony and reception in it, that it was a nice and open space, and that it was in Fremantle. We knew Victoria Hall’s beautiful old façade, and after Googling discovered the City of Fremantle were now in charge of it. We made a time to go check it out, and it was love at first sight. It really set the tone for the whole wedding, and we both couldn’t imagine our wedding taking place anywhere else.

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Claire & Brendan’s Dream Team // Wedding Vendors

I never set foot into a bridal store, I just found the whole idea of sales assistants telling me what suited me and just generally being sales-y, entirely overwhelming. After stumbling across one of Elvi Design’s beautiful dresses online, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. The process of having a dress made that not only did I get an input in, but that I was able to ‘visit’ throughout its creation, just completely set my mind at ease. And of course, Sandra and Birgitta are so lovely and welcoming!

Next up, Melissa Mills Photography. As two people who don’t love having their photo taken, and didn’t want to spend half a day pulling cheesey grins into the camera, Melissa was a gem of a find. Melissa relaxed us immediately, and the proof is in the pudding.

Our DJ was our good friend Nate Nisbet aka Blind Tiger Blues Box. I need to stress here that he does not do weddings, we were just incredibly lucky. His record collection is incredible, and there wasn’t a moment where someone wasn’t on the dance floor. The 40s – 60s music he played really fit with the hall. Go and see him play sometime!

Last but not least Prohibited Bar Management. Victoria Hall has an amazing bar, and we could also BYO our alcohol, which was great. But we needed someone to serve it up, and we found these guys through a friend. They were absolute pros and our guests raved about them (I’m guessing part of the raving was because they were serving them alcohol!). We didn’t need to worry about a thing with them at the helm of the bar.

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Claire’s Favourite Wedding Day Moment

It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to choose it would have to be our first dance. In the tradition of old dance halls in the 1960s we had everyone throw cornflakes onto the dance floor while we danced (the cornflakes were meant to make the surface better for jiving)! Our guests had a lot of fun with it (how often do you get to throw cereal on the floor?!), and it was great to crunch around on the dance floor for the rest of the night.


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