Is ‘couture’ out of my price range?

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Is ‘couture’ out of my price range?

With the art of ‘home-sewing’ slowly descending, not many people know how to sew these days and find terms like ‘made-to-measure’, ‘bespoke’, ‘couture’ and ‘custom-made’ a little scary or automatically think it’s out of their price range. Well I’m here to share some truths with you.

The term ‘made-to-measure’, ‘couture’,  ‘bespoke’ or ‘custom-made’ describes the traditional couture process of having a gown made to fit your individual body measurements. There are some slight differences between each term but this is the basic understanding of these terms.

At Elvi Design, you can either select from one of the designs in our collection or we will design your dream dress. I will sketch your gown, source the fabric, patternmake, cut and sew the gown to your exact measurements, incorporating all the requirements you need (style, colour, fabrics, trimmings, etc). The beauty of having a gown made for you is that you are supporting a local business, it is made locally (no slave/child labour here) and you will not incur alteration fees (you can expect to pay $500+ in alterations at most ‘off the rack’ bridal boutiques). And let’s not forget, this gown will be a ‘one-off’, ‘unique’ gown made just for you, how special is that!

Our tea-length gowns start at $1850 whilst full-length gowns start at $2450 (price is dependent on fabric and lace selected). If you have a price range in mind, it’s always a good idea to let me know and I can suggest suitable materials so that it falls within your budget.

We offer a complimentary design consultation where you can try on our samples and I can provide you with a quote, this is completely obligation free.

See, that’s not so scary after all and you could also end up with your dream gown just like these lovely brides…

Let’s chat soon,

Sandra x

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