What to do with your dress after the wedding?

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What to do with your dress after the wedding?

I often get asked by brides what to do with their wedding dress after the wedding. Some brides are interested to know how to care and store the gown, others would like to think of ways to re-use the gown. Here are a few suggestions –

1) Clean your Wedding Dress

Firstly, I suggest you get the gown cleaned as soon as possible. This will give your gown the best opportunity to get rid of any dirt accumulated on the day. If you get a mark on the day, it’s a good idea not too touch it!! Wetting it, rubbing it or applying heat will make the mark set.

Dry Cleaners we recommend-

Stannards Dry Cleaning

Atlas Dry Cleaning

It’s also a good idea to get a quote from your local dry cleaner.

2) Store your Wedding Dress

You can either store your wedding dress on a coat hanger in a breathable dress bag or have it wrapped in acid free paper and placed in a box. We provide each of our brides with a coat hanger and breathable dress bag. Stay away from wire coat hangers and plastic bags.

3) Dye your Wedding Dress

Why not change the colour of your wedding dress so you can wear it again as a cocktail or evening gown? This is such a great idea if you go to black tie events and think of the fond memories you’ll have wearing it.

4) Shorten/Alter your Wedding Dress

It’s a good idea to shorten your wedding dress, you could make it knee-length or even remove the train. It will make it easier to wear the gown again!

5) Re-use the Fabric to Create a Christening Gown

You could use the fabric from your wedding dress to create a Christening/Naming Day outfit for your children.


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