Kat’s Lace and Tulle Wedding Gown

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Kat’s Lace and Tulle Wedding Gown
Ahhh, there really is something special about going away for a wedding. Everyone’s relaxed and they’re ready to party! I think you can really see this in Kat and Court’s wedding photos and their wedding video (click here). Kat selected our ‘Tia’ lace and tulle wedding gown, it is made from a beautiful milk silk dupion and ivory lace. It’s the perfect wedding dress for a relaxed Summer wedding.

Kat and Court’s Dream Team // Dress – Elvi Design // Flower Crown – Olive Farm Designs // Photos – Gordon Becker Photography // Videographer – Wedding Video Masters // Invitations – Mitchell & Dent // Caterer – Supper Road // Ice Pops – Delish Ice // Cakes and sweet treats – Heavenly High Teas // Vintners Ridge Estate so kindly opened up their winery for our photos

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What was your favourite moment on your big day?

I felt so much joy throughout the whole day, the most I have ever felt in my life.  My favourite moment was after the ceremony, when the confetti was being thrown in the air and landing all around us – it was so magical, it felt like time had stopped. 

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How did your wedding dress make you feel?

My wedding dress made me feel beautiful and that I could be myself, which was really important!  It fitted so well, I was comfortable, I was able to climb the rocks for our photos and dance the night away! Nothing could possibly beat a dress that allowed me to do all of those things.  I am so grateful to Sandra and Birgitta and the team at Elvi Design for creating such a wonderful dress.
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What was the most important thing to you on your wedding day?

The most important thing to both of us on our day was that our wedding reflected who we are.  Every decision we made was with that intention behind it.  We also really wanted our guests to celebrate, kick up their heels and have a great time.  Having our wedding at the family home really made that possible.

For me, it was so important that I was in the moment on the day so I could enjoy it as much as I could!  I recommend this to any brides out there.  Let go of being the ‘event manager’ on the day – I allocated all the responsibilities to our friends and family and trusted that it would all work out.   I started the day with a walk with a few of my bridesmates and set the intention to simply allow it to unfold.  The warm and fuzzy feelings I got from allowing it all to happen far outweighed the feeling of striving for perfection.  It was the most amazing day.

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