Lace Wedding Dress – Dress Like a Princess!

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Lace Wedding Dress – Dress Like a Princess!

We have become well-known for our delicate, hand sewn lace work. In fact, most of our clients visit us because they love the idea of a lace wedding dress.

The beauty of lace is that there are so many options and different ways to use lace to create different looks. You could have a soft lace that accentuates a romantic boho wedding gown or you could use a heavy corded lace to create a vintage inspired lace wedding gown.

We often work with a client to find the perfect lace to suit their style of wedding and their personality.

Image by Russell Ord

Shannon by Russell Ord Photography

Image by Fiona Vail Photography

Hanny by Fiona Vail Photography

Image by Ross Wallace

Elyse by Ross Wallace Photography

Image by Izo Photography

Veronica by Izo Photography

Shea by Merge Photography

Shea by Merge Photography


Davina by Julie Welsh

Image by Still Love Photography

Jo by Still Love Photography

Jessica Tea-Length Lace Gown

Jessica by Christine Lim Photography

A few words from one of our brides about how she felt in her Elvi Design wedding gown…

I think the classic line is to say ‘like a princess’ but I didn’t feel like a princess, I felt like a queen! The dress fit so well and was exactly how I had imagined it. I loved swishing my skirt around and spent a lot of the afternoon twirling!” – Victoria McFarlane, 2014

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