Steps To Follow When Choosing a Wedding Gown

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Steps To Follow When Choosing a Wedding Gown

Where do you start? There are so many options and there are bound to be many dresses that are the perfect wedding gown for you!

You may have dreamt about your wedding gown as a young girl or the thought may not have even ever crossed your mind. Either way, here are a few steps to follow when choosing your wedding gown… 


It is really important to know where you are getting married before you decide on your wedding gown. I doubt you’d want to wear a long sleeve, heavy lace full-length gown on a 35 degree day at a beach wedding! Keep your venue in mind when thinking about your wedding gown.

Always ask yourself, does this suit the setting of my wedding?

Elvi Design Tea-Length Wedding Gown

Jess’s Tea-Length Wedding Gown for her Rose Garden Wedding. Image by Christine Lim.

Price Range

I know… it is really easy to get excited and fall in love with a gown that is out of your price range. I suggest you set yourself a budget before you even step into a wedding dress shop. This will save you a lot of pain and allow the staff to lead you in the direction of your perfect wedding gown (that fits within your price range).


I always ask my clients what are a few key features of their favourite dresses (yes, the ones your wear everyday!). It’s amazing, most women actually know what suits them and they wear those styles every day.

It is really important that you still feel like ‘you’ in your wedding gown.

Ok, now that you have your venue, price range and style in mind it’s time to hit Pinterest, wedding blogs and wedding magazines to figure out what style of dress you like.

We recommend that you try on a couple of styles and visit a few wedding dress designers before you make your final decision.

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