Talia’s Two Piece Wedding Dress Perth

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Talia’s Two Piece Wedding Dress Perth

All I can say is WOW!! Talia’s dream two piece wedding dress turned into a reality over a series of fittings in the lead up to her wedding and the end result was breathtaking.

When we met with Talia, she was looking for a couture wedding dress to suit their relaxed, down south wedding. The solution was a two piece wedding dress. The intricate beaded lace jacket overlay was removed to reveal a party dress for the reception.

Talia and Scott wed at Meneghello Estate in Dunsborough. The photos by Teneil Kable are just exquisite.

two piece wedding dress

Why did you choose to get your gown made? What style of gown did you go for?

It took me a long time to decide what to do about a wedding dress. I began by looking for an “off-the-rack” dress because I thought that the process would be easier – the instant gratification of knowing what your dress looks like on you was appealing and I was afraid that having one made would be too expensive. I spent months trying on different dresses getting more and more disheartened because none of them was THE one. I was looking for a dress that would function as both a beautiful, delicate ceremony dress and a party dress for the reception. In my mind I had pictured a wrap-around or tulip style beaded dress after seeing pictures from the Elie Saab runway shows. Accepting that I would only get the dress I wanted by having it made, I met with Sandra from Elvi Design and the rest is history!

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Where did you get married and why?

We got married in Dunsborough at Meneghello Estate, a small privately run olive farm with a homestead and beautifully maintained gardens. Dunsborough was an obvious choice for us as it was the location of our first “weekend getaway” in the early stages of dating. Since then we have often returned for long-weekends of wine-tasting and exploring. We also wanted out wedding to have a “holiday” feel for our guests who had to travel from Perth and New Zealand and choosing a wedding venue around Dunsborough was integral to that.



two piece wedding dress


Any special tips on how to plan a wedding?

Sit down together one evening with a bottle of wine and decide what aspects are the most important to the both of you when picturing your wedding day. For us it was easy – drinks, food and entertainment to ensure our guests had a great time! Having clear priorities makes it easier to choose what to spend money and time on as it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the details that go into a wedding.


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