Victoria & Jeff’s Elegant Yarra Valley Wedding

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Victoria & Jeff’s Elegant Yarra Valley Wedding

I went to school with Vic, so you can imagine how excited I was when she emailed me about a wedding dress. Over a couple of wines in Melbourne, we dreamed up a beautiful wedding gown and three individual bridesmaid designs.

The odds were against us, Vic is a pilot (yes, she flys BIG planes) living in Melbourne with a hectic schedule and of course, we’re located in Perth. Vic would fly into Perth for the day just to have a fitting with me, let’s just say, I’m pretty sure I’ll never have such a dedicated client again. Vic has always oozed energy and charisma so it was no surprise that everyone near and dear to her wanted to be involved in the wedding process. Our studio was often filled with her Mums, bridesmaids, sister-in-laws and friends. It was a very fun experience and you could tell that there was a lot of love for this gorgeous couple.

Vic and Jeff decided to wed at Chateau Yering in the Yarra Valley, their family and friends stayed at the beautiful property for the weekend of wedding festivities. Vic was very hands on with the wedding planning and I believe she spent many an afternoon crafting for the big day.

Take a look at these beautiful images captured by Candice Van Moolenbroek Photography and Vic’s reflections on their wedding day…

DSC_8423 DSC_8462 DSC_8464
DSC_8759 DSC_8768 DSC_8780

What was your favourite moment on your big day?

I know we’re probably supposed to say, our first kiss or the ‘I do’s” but we both actually share a favourite moment that was a complete surprise. Our MC, a good friend, did an amazing job and whilst we were out having our final photos he really wound up the crowd. We had no idea they were practising their chants! When we were introduced into the reception room, these big double doors opened and we were hit with the most incredible energy. I have never ever in my life heard an applause like that. Everyone stood up chanting “Vic and Jeff” over and over. It was such a surprise to us that Jeff actually teared up. The photos of our surprised faces are priceless and I still get goosebumps thinking about it! We felt so loved.
DSC_8801 DSC_8944 DSC_9246 DSC_9611 DSC_9481

What was the most important thing to you on your wedding day?

The most important thing to us was that we wanted every single one of our guests to feel they were there for a reason. The guest list was by far the hardest part of the entire process and every individual meant something to us. We had 115 guests and making that personal is really tricky but I’m glad we took the extra time to add the personal touches. One of the things we did was instead of just names marking the seats, we had a photo of the individual with either Jeff or I, for those we had known for a long time we tried to find photos that showed our history or a funny moment that we shared. The photo was attached to a photo card and inside everyone was a personal message written by Jeff or I. It took hours, I mean hours but it was one of the most commented on things that we did and I’m glad we did do it! 

DSC_9743 DSC_9788 DSC_9798 DSC_9685 DSC_9673

How did your wedding dress make you feel?

I think the classic line is to say ‘like a princess’ but I didn’t feel like a princess, I felt like a queen! The dress fit so well and was exactly how I had imagined it. I loved swishing my skirt around and spent a lot of the afternoon twirling! Of course I would be remiss to not mention the 3 gorgeous bridesmaid dresses that captured the individual personalities of every girl. They looked incredible and I know they felt confident and beautiful.  

DSC_0173 DSC_0131 DSC_0022


It’s hard to put into words what it means to create your own wedding dress with Elvi Design. Sandra and Birgitta will read between the lines with every mismatched crazy sentence and idea you come up with to turn it into something with wow factor. How they managed to read my mind so perfectly, I’ll never know. Every fitting is part of a journey and the excitement that builds over time is an experience that I would recommend to everyone. Professional, talented, creative but above all invested in your dress as if it were their very own. There is no other way to make a wedding dress but with Elvi Design.


Dress: Elvi Design of course!!!

Shoes: Shoes of Prey

Hair: Kendal FX

Makeup: Makeup By Maggie Tamarua

Flowers: Jumping Jonquils

Photographer: Candice Van Moolenbroek Photography

Venue: Chateau Yering Historic Hotel, Yarra Valley, Victoria.

0439 522 345