All our family and friends commented on how much the wedding dress suited me and I couldn’t have asked for a better compliment. It was a dress I could feel elegant and feminine in, while also allowing me to twirl and dance and enjoy the zoo carousel. I highly recommend to every bride searching for the perfect dress, particularly those hoping for something they can play and have fun in, to consider a bespoke dress from Elvi Design.

– Courtney, April 2018

Clements and the Fox

Courtney. Image by Clements & The Fox

Mum & I knew after one meeting with Sandra & Brigitta that we wanted them to design my wedding dress. After only a few minutes Sandra had sketched on paper the design that was in our heads. Using Mum’s wedding dress that Nanna made for her 30 years ago they created a 2-piece top & skirt that made me feel absolutely amazing while also re-purposing a piece of my family’s history. They made the whole experience incredibly special for mum & I, we often think back on it and share a moment!

– Cat, March 2018

Elvi Design Vintage Wedding Dress Alterations Perth-0095

Cat. Image by IZO Photography

I never would have imagined, after trying on my mums dress as a child that I would ever wear it myself ! Sandra and Birgitta were able to use the best parts of mums dress and create something I truly adored. It was so nice to repurpose something that has so much meaning to my mum and now does to me. The entire process was such a dream, I felt like I was visiting old friends whenever I drove up the hill. I was so happy with the final product, I cannot recommend Elvi design enough. 

*The pockets were especially wonderful and deserve a special mention

– Emma, February 2018

Elvi Design Vintage Lace Wedding Dress Perth_0440

Emma. Image by Steve Wise

Sandra made me feel so welcome and comfortable, dress shopping can be daunting, however, not with these two, and they are amazing at what they do!! You can see the passion the ladies have for design and helping you create that perfect dress.

I can’t thank Sandra and Birgitta enough for creating my blue wedding dress I was over the moon with it and it was everything I’d ever wanted.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process, it was so lovely getting to know them both and sad to say goodbye at the end of my final fitting.

– Lorraine, October 2017

Elvi Design Blue Wedding Dress-143

Lorraine. Image by Sarah Tonkin

Sandra and her mum created the most amazing custom dress I could have ever hoped for! They spent a lot of one on one time helping me to create the perfect dress. They are both absolutely lovely and I highly recommend their work!

– Keali, November 2017

Elvi Design Couture Wedding Dress Perth-423

Keali. Image by Simone Addison

Getting my dress made by Elvi design was the best decision! Sandra and Brigitta were very professional and paid great attention to detail, they made the whole experience so easy, from designing my dress at the first consult to picking the lace and watching it all come together at my final fitting! It was everything I had dreamed of and more! I would definitely recommend Elvi Design to anyone wanting the perfect dress for their big day 🙂

– Kate Housley, 2017


Kate. Image by Lana Pratt

It’s strange because I’m not a fashion forward person or fancy brand lover (I practically live in Kmart clothes!), but I knew I wouldn’t find a dress that had everything I wanted in the one dress, and thought that if there’s one item of clothing to make a fuss of then this is it. So I decided to take the plunge, and approached Elvi about making my wedding dress. I showed Sandra photos of what I liked, the dress I nearly bought and pictures of me in other dresses, and she drew up the perfect dress the first time – and it included pockets! And I wasn’t going to find that in a store dress!

– Ashleigh Sharp, 2017

Elvi Design Custom Wedding Dress with Pockets

Ashleigh. Image by Merge Photography

I chose to get my dress made because I had tried on a number of dresses that were almost there but not quite, and I wasn’t ready to make a commitment to a dress that I wasn’t totally in love with. One dress in particular that I loved was the correct style but covered in beads, and I knew dead-set I didn’t want beading. So I took this ‘Grecian’ theme to Elvi Design and Sandy did an amazing job of interpreting my idea for a Greek goddess style dress and adding some oomph, (not to be outshined by the groom of course!) And I’m so glad I did, because what I ended up with was a custom made wedding dress that was as beautiful as I imagined, fit me like a glove, and is the only one of its kind because it was made just for me.

– Molly Wright, 2017

Molly. Image by ByJP Photography

Molly. Image by ByJP Photography

I could not be more grateful that I chose Sandra and Birgitta of Elvi Design to create my wedding dress. They are extremely talented professionals who are perfectionists in every dress they bring to life. But for me, what I appreciated above all of that was their patience, kindness and genuine advice throughout the process. I was not the girl who dreamt of her wedding dress and had no clue what I liked (very little) but only that I wanted it simple and ‘like my mother’s’. That seemed to be enough for Sandra to go on and together we slowly pieced it together. I truly loved my dress, felt like myself in it and most importantly I felt beautiful.

– Amy Edwards, 2017


Amy. Image by Bianca Kate Photography

I had been looking at a few dresses at some shops and none of them seemed to be right. Once I started following Elvi Designs on facebook and instagram, I knew I wanted one of their dresses. The only criteria I had was that the skirt had to have Drama! There had to be drama about it and I had to be able to dance as we had been preparing a choreographed number that involved a couple of lifts. During the ceremony, I had this beautiful train that floated around me and when it came time to kick off the heels at the reception, the skirt folded up and was out of the way.

– Lauren McCann, 2016

Elvi Design Handmade Wedding DressElvi Design Handmade Wedding Dress22

Lauren. Image by Capture & Rapture

I always knew what style I wanted for my wedding gown, so when I came across the gown from Elvi Design, I knew it was the right fit for me. Even thinking about it now, after our day, there is nothing I would have changed about the dress. I love the tea length and the silhouette is reminiscent of my favourite fashion decades of the 40’s and 50’s. Having this dress made by hand around me was amazing. It was all so delicate and beautifully made, I wished the experience could have lasted longer!”

– Sarah Daly, 2016

Sarah. Image by Peggy Saas

Sarah. Image by Peggy Saas

I went to Elvi because I knew I couldn’t find the dress I imagined in any dress stores and I fell in love with the beautiful vintage inspired dresses in the gallery on their website. The ladies are so friendly and welcoming, and my dress exactly matched the picture in my head of what I had always imagined it would look like. We only had a few appointments but by the end we felt like friends. It was an amazing experience and I love the memories that I have when I see my dress!

– Nikky Clark, June 2016

elvi design tea length wedding dress-483

Nikky. Image by EJ Creative.

Our wedding was absolutely amazing, the perfect setting, with all our favourite people and my stunning dress! I can’t thank Sandra and Birgitta enough for creating something that was so perfect and suited to what I wanted. I received many compliments on the day and lots after too! Sandra and Birgitta were friendly and extremely helpful in helping me to choose my design and materials and I couldn’t have been any happier with the outcome. I only wish I could do the day all over again so I get another chance to wear it!

– Emma Turner, June 2016


Emma. Image by Max Pinitong.

The idea of having a high quality and hand made gown that was unique to me was so appealing, I couldn’t resist. Especially when we are so lucky to have Sandra and Birgitta in Perth creating the most beautiful pieces for brides who want a custom gown. I went for a vintage / boho tea length gown with the most gorgeous lace sleeves and a silk georgette skirt. The whole process was amazing. I loved seeing the gown come together at every fitting. It was truly special and I couldn’t recommend Elvi Design highly enough.

– Mel Kilbride, March 2016


Mel. Image by Sarah Jean Arnason.

During the process from design to dress I appreciated my dress more and more each time knowing the love and care that went into making it. Having the dress custom made ensured that I was staying true to my vision and that it was exactly what I wanted. Sandra and Birgitta worked on my dress while I stood in it, I felt just like Cinderella (minus the poof). Their attention to detail was impeccable and it was incredibly easy to see that Elvi Design is not just a business but a real passion.

– Bec Smith, January 2016


Bec. Image by Anita Welsh Photography

I am still smiling from ear to ear I just simply loved everything about all the pieces you made for the wedding. Gerard’s tie was perfect as well and he just loved it even his pocket square was perfect. The worse part of the whole day now being over is trying to come up with a good reason to wear it all over again.

– Carolyn Robinson, January 2016


Carolyn. Image by Carolyn Karnovsky Photography.

My wedding was everything I wanted it to be. Relaxed and casual whilst still being special.   My gown of French Lace & Silk felt like a dream to wear, it was soft, silky and so well fitted to my body.  Sandra and Birgitta created a gown exactly to my requests, I wanted something that was simple yet luxurious. Thank you Elvi Design!

– Jodie Pengelly, November 2015

M&M 022-001

Jodie. Image by Doris Brunet Photography.

“Sandra and her team were amazing, I can’t thank them enough. I had many compliments on the fine details of my gown, I was very happy with the end result”

– Holly Minter, November 2015

Holly & Dzenan_HQ_Black&White-246

Holly. Image by Lance Chicote.

“Going to traditional wedding gown shops and trying on dresses was not my idea of fun and I worried that finding a dress I actually liked and would be comfortable wearing would be an impossible mission. Luckily my Mum and I came across the Elvi ladies at the vintage wedding fair. I loved every single dress of theirs but ended up going for a tea length silk and lace dress. I loved the process of getting it made especially for me and the fact that I have a beautiful vintage dress that I can keep and pass onto my daughter one day.”

– Sheree Davies, October 2015

Peggy Saas - Sheree + Tim-751

Sheree. Image by Peggy Saas.

“I didn’t even bother looking elsewhere as I knew that Elvi was what I wanted. I designed the dress myself with the help of Sandra of course. The dress is a latte lace long sleeve wedding dress with milk tulle. The process of the dress being created was thrilling, one fitting I even burst into tears. The ladies at Elvi really listened to what I wanted and created a beautiful gown that was all me.”

– Jessica Richardson, October 2015


Jessica. Image by Through The Woods We Ran.

As a ‘well endowed’ woman, I knew a custom made dress would flatter me the most. I loved the way the lace bodice encased my ‘assets’, and how the beautiful tulle flowed over my figure. I felt absolutely stunning. The lacework, detailed belt and how the lace cascaded into my princess style dress just made me feel like I was perfect. I was comfortable, hell, I would wear that dress every day to work if it was appropriate!

– Angie Bristow, October 2015


Angie. Image by Ben Yew.

It was love at first sight when I saw the beautiful dresses that Sandra and Birgitta make on their website. I brought my hubby-to-be along with me to the Perth Wedding upmarket at UWA and as soon as we came across their beautiful stand he commented how beautiful the dresses on the rack were. That was when I knew that I wanted my wedding dress to be made by Elvi Design. I didn’t go dress shopping at the dress shops, I knew that nothing that I would look at would be anywhere near as amazing as the dresses I had seen at the Upmarket. I made my first booking that very same day.

– Michelle Malherbe, September 2015


Michelle. Image by Samuel Goh.

When I tried on the finished dress it was like Sandra had reached inside my head and found a picture of myself as a bride that I didn’t even know existed and made it a reality. It was like she had taken all the best parts of my personality and turned them into a very pretty dress that suited me, my husband and our whole wedding perfectly. Sandra and Birgitta are amazing at what they do, they were able to turn all my crazy ideas – pockets, polka dots and big bows – into something beautiful.

– Maddy Broadhurst, May 2015

Image by Kyle Hepp

Maddy. Image by Kyle Hepp

My amazing tea length gown was my favourite part of our wedding – well apart from marrying my husband! Sandra understood what I wanted, even when I didn’t! She has an amazing ability to sift through all of your ideas and come up with a design that is exciting and gorgeous! The process of designing and fitting the dress was so special from the first to the last appointment, and I loved seeing both Sandra and Brigitta every time. I felt like I was their only bride, even though I knew that they were ridiculously busy. My gown was completely ‘me’ and I loved that it was one of a kind, made especially for me and made me feel beautiful. I am still looking for excuses to wear my gown again because I love it so much. I definitely would recommend Elvi Design to design your wedding gown. It was such a joy to work with Sandra and Birgitta, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

– Naomi McSweeney, April 2015


Naomi. Image by I Heart Weddings.

Thank you lovely ladies for the amazing experience of creating my beautiful dress. My gown was amazing! I loved the lace!  I felt so beautiful on the day! I had so many wonderful comments about it on the day.

– Laura White,  April 2015

Laura's Custom Lace and Silk Wedding Dress

Laura. Image by Kerri MacKintosh.

When I was 12 years old I made a very good choice in best friends. There was no question in my mind that my darling friend Sandra from Elvi Design would be making my wedding dress. I had no idea what I wanted and we may have gone to a few stores to try dresses on before we sat down and she sketched out my dress.

I wanted something tea length to suit our outdoor venue plus I’ve always loved the 1950’s style. The sheer polka dots was all Sandra and its one of my favourite parts of the dress now and adds that playful feel. Having a dress made for you takes a lot of trust as you don’t know how its going to come together until the final weeks. This being said my best friend is incredible at what she does and I can highly recommend it- especially because you get something made just for you!

– Tara Walsh, 2015


Tara. Image by CJ Williams Photography.

Elvi dresses really are something else. Sandra takes a bride’s vision and incorporates her own touch of timeless elegance to create something truly spectacular. I hoped for a bohemian style dress with a simplistic romance to it, and Sandra used the finest of fabrics and delicate lace to make exactly that. Her and her mother Birgitta were a joy to work with, professional and highly skilled, yet relaxed and flexible. To the team at Elvi Design, thank you for making me feel so beautiful on my wedding day!

– Soraya Morton, 2014

Soraya & Evan. Image by CJ Williams Photography.

I was living in Perth whilst planning my wedding and wanted to find someone who could help me to design and create a dress that would fit the gorgeous English setting of Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park where Nick and I were to be married in October. I was referred through a friend who had also had her dress made by the team at Elvi Design.  When I looked on their website, I knew it was going to be the right place – the dresses are all so unique and gorgeous! Sandra really took the time to understand what I was looking to create and the anticipation and excitement built at each fitting. I was so happy with the end result. The lace was so intricate and the dress really fitted the setting for our wedding. So many guests commented on how beautiful my dress was and it felt great to know I was wearing a one-of-a-kind creation! My sincere thanks go to the team at Elvi Design!

– Janina Norton, 2014

Elvi Design Lace Wedding Dress

Janina & Nick. Image by Funky Photographers

It’s hard to put into words what it means to create your own wedding dress with Elvi Design. Sandra and Birgitta will read between the lines with every mismatched crazy sentence and idea you come up with to turn it into something with wow factor. How they managed to read my mind so perfectly, I’ll never know. Every fitting is part of a journey and the excitement that builds over time is an experience that I would recommend to everyone. Professional, talented, creative but above all invested in your dress as if it were their very own. There is no other way to make a wedding dress but with Elvi Design.

– Victoria McFarlane, 2014

Elvi Design Wedding Dress

Victoria & Jeff. Image by Candice Van Moolenbroek

From day one of meeting you you have made me feel as if I was the only person you were making a wedding dress for, it was so much more than I ever wanted and it truly made my day more perfect, and to have had such a beautiful experience through out the whole year of planning made it even more special, not only would I recommend you over and over I want to get married again just to wear my dress for longer! When I asked you to make my daughter’s dress I had no idea just how amazing it would be and it suited our wedding perfectly, she truly stole the show! I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dream dress a reality, you and Birgitta are one hell of a team!!!

– Elyse Biggs, 2014

Elvi Design Lace Wedding Dress

Elyse. Image by Ross Wallace Photography

Thank you both so much for your huge part in creating such a wonderful day for Josh and myself….it was an absolute delight to work with you both, and I knew I’d made the right decision the moment I stepped through the studio door…actually, I think I’d already made up my mind when I’d seen Glenn’s photos of Jo’s dress, but your lovely personalities and innate ability to see my vision cemented it as a perfect choice.

– Jaymie Barretto, 2014

Elvi Design Lace Wedding Dress

Jaymie & Joshua. Image by Still Love

Thank you both for creating my beautiful dress. The process was so enjoyable, I never felt stressed or unsure, you and Birgitta made me feel at ease and I knew I was in safe hands. My gown was amazing, the lace stunning  and most importantly it was super comfortable! I felt like myself and that was important to me. Thank you again!

– Thea Christou, 2013

Elvi Design

Thea & Eden

Thank you Sandra and Birgitta!  What a pair of marvellous ladies you are.  I can’t thank you enough for the experience you gave me leading up to our wedding.  I really loved going through the relaxed, professional and personal process of having a dress made just for me, it was very special seeing the dress come together and the work and skill that goes into it.

I started out as a rather resentful bride who wanted something different and combined with a bad first experience at a large bridal shop in the city I didn’t like the idea of spending a lot of money on an off the rack dress, especially when it wasn’t really what I had in mind.  However when I found the Elvi Design website and received such a prompt response from Sandra via email I was quietly excited about meeting the Elvi Design ladies.  Right from the start I had confidence and faith that Sandra and Birgitta could create just what I wanted.  And they did.  My dress was just what I wanted.  Thank you both so much.

– Davina Cook, 2013

Elvi Design Lace Wedding Dress

Davina. Image by Julie Walsh

I just wanted to write and thank you so very much for all your hard work and care with the creation of my wedding dress. I was absolutely ecstatic with the final result and my very special day would not have been the same without all your contributions. Your ideas, skill and creativity, combined with your ability to listen to my thoughts enabled you to create a dress I felt really comfortable in and that fitted me perfectly. It was really enjoyable working with you both.  Not only am I recommending you to everyone who asks but you also have two more future clients with our girls Edith and Aurdey!  I wish you all the very best with your growing business and we will be in touch in a few years.

– Shannon Wirth, 2013

Thank you lovely ladies for the amazing experience in making my gown. I felt like an absolute princess and had so many compliments from everybody(… Including a friend who is recently engaged so will definitely be recommending Elvi Design.) The whole process from design to pick up was so magical and felt so easy and you both put so much effort in to help create my dream dress. Every concern or question I had was answered so professionally and I really felt part of the process! Thankyou so much for this wonderful experience! Without your amazing expertise and advice I dont think our wedding day would have been as amazing as it was. Thank you so much!
Love lots, Mrs Carmen Gatcum (getting used to being a Mrs now!)

– Carmen Gatcum, 2013

Sandra & Birgitta were amazing right from the initial consult. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted in my head and Sandra was able to transcribe it onto paper during our first meeting, understanding exactly what I was after. About 5/6 months out from the wedding I found out I was pregnant. I emailed Sandra to let her know that we may have to alter the initial design. What she managed to create was simply breath-taking and I could not have been happier! What I would have imaged to have been a very stressful situation wasn’t. Sandra and Birgitta were fantastic and with a couple extra fittings were able to predict how my growing bump would look in the dress. I had an amazing wedding in my incredible dress! Thank you both so much!

– Teodora Robinson, 2013

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for creating my beautiful wedding dress! You were both so wonderful, from our first meeting to my final pick up. You managed to put my mind at ease whenever required, and always made certain I was 100% happy. You both have a wonderful vision with vintage and lace inspired dresses, so you were the right pick from the start! The lace work was just divine, and you will be happy to know that I made it through the entire day/night without a rip, tare or hole in the beautiful train! I had so many lovely comments from everyone, and the dress was such a compliment to the entire day. You guys make a great team – THANK YOU!!

– Kylee Slade, 2013

Before we set off for our honeymoon tomorrow, I just wanted to thank you and Birgitta again for all your work on my wedding dress. Peter and I had a really amazing day on Saturday and I felt totally fabulous in my dress, it was everything I hoped for. Everyone commented on how gorgeous it was and the wonderful lace work.

It was such a pleasure working with you and Birgitta. I had absolute confidence that you would do a fabulous job and you totally did, so thank you. I have been raving about you to all my friends 🙂

– Johanna Lynch, 2013

Elvi Design

Johanna & Peter. Image by Liesl Cheney

Originally I had hoped to find a simple dress off-the-rack but I couldn’t be happier that I found Elvi Design instead. Sandra and Birgitta made the whole process so enjoyable and it was a lovely bonding time for my daughter and I to have our fittings together. Their attention to detail is outstanding, they listened well, sourced gorgeous fabrics, and I really felt they delivered beautiful quality at a very reasonable price.

– Pier Leach, 2012

Thank you so much for everything you have done. You have helped create a picture in my mind into the most incredible dress I’ve ever seen. Words can not explain how thankful I am for all of your incredible efforts, hard work and amazing skills. My dress made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world! I absolutely loved it! And I’m pretty sure everyone else did too!!

– Joanne Cooper,  2012

Oh where to start with my wonderful experience with the two marvellous ladies that make up the Elvi Design team!?

When I started to plan my wedding I knew that my dress was going to be one of the hardest things to find, but how wrong I was once I found Sandra and Birgitta. They made the entire process from the custom designing of the gown right to the very end when I saw their gorgeous faces beaming out at me from amongst my family and friends as I walked down the isle feeling absolutely beautiful in the most perfect dress I could have ever imagined and asked for! Their attention to detail, devotion to creating a dress that suits each and every one of their clients perfectly and their overall LOVE for all things fabric and fashion makes this duo stand out above all others and I don’t know what I would have done with out them.

When I first came to Elvi all I had was an amazing pair of Aruna Seth ivory wedges, a silhouette of an image floating around in my head of a tea length wedding dress with a high boat neck, low back with creeping lace and a mish-mash of 5 different dresses cut and pasted into one for my bridesmaids’ dress and I remember looking at Sandra and Birgitta in utter bewilderment because I had no idea how they were going to “read my mind” and create these dresses when I hadn’t even tried on a single wedding dress before and after 2 years of searching everywhere both in bridal magazines and online still hadn’t found a dress that I even remotely liked, let alone was prepared to be remembered in forever.

They absolutely nailed it.

I will leave all the details about the incredible process that goes into the making of the gowns to the Elvi girls to tell you but let me just say that from start to finish I could not have had more fun and asked for more, Sandra and Birgitta have gone above and beyond for me. I have been blessed with a gown that I would wear all day, every day if I could (don’t laugh because I have been known to hop back into it again on occasion he-he), a gown that I am delighted to have been married in and a gown that I feel undeniably comfortable and beautiful in.

After the wedding not only do I have my stunning wedding and bridesmaid gowns but I also now have an incredible friendship with both Sandy and Birgitta, these two ladies are absolutely gorgeous and are undoubtedly the best at what they do, LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! xxx

– Jessica Butcher, 2012

Thank you Sandra and Brigitta for creating such a beautiful wedding dress, I absolutely love it! I had so many wonderful comments about it on the day. The dress was also an absolute breeze for me to dance and ride a bike in – so good work there too!

Tenae Francis, 2012

From start to finish, working with Sandra and Birgitta was such a pleasure.  I had four bridesmaids, each with very different styles.  Elvi Design made four beautiful gowns – each one completely different from but still complementary to the others.  Two of my bridesmaids lived interstate during this time, but Sandra was still able to have personal fittings with them, which made things so much easier.  Sandra and Birgitta were both totally committed to achieving a great result for all the dresses, and they really went above and beyond to make sure this happened.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Lorilee Gale, 2011

Thank you for the amazing talent and hard work you have put into creating my dream wedding dress, it is truly special and I will remember you for it always.

Gayle Hatch, 2011

0439 522 345