Claire’s Silk Wedding Dress Perth

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Claire’s Silk Wedding Dress Perth

I love it when couples do what they love and what works for them on their wedding day, so I’m not surprised that Claire and Nathan bucked tradition and chose to have mixed gender bridal parties and no allocated seating at their reception. Claire needed a wedding dress to reflect her¬†relaxed nature¬†and fun personality. Claire tried on our ‘Soraya’ sample and was taken with the silk wedding dress immediately. The soft silk wedding dress had a subtle hint of lace detail on the shoulder and around the waist, a flattering neckline and a fluid silk skirt which was oh so comfy.

I’m a big believer in comfort on your wedding day and you really can’t go past a silk wedding dress. It feels like a little piece of heaven when you slip it on. It’s light to wear, the fabric breathes as it’s a natural fibre and it feels luxurious to touch.

Claire and Nathan held their wedding at Caves Hotel in Yallingup. The location provided so many options for unique photos. My favourites have to be the moments captured down at the beach, they are breathtaking!

Their beautiful down south wedding has been featured on White Magazine.

Images by Black Bird Tale

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