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Emma’s Handmade Wedding Dress Perth

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Emma’s Handmade Wedding Dress Perth

I really liked Emma’s ethical approach to her wedding, she worked very hard to ensure that all the products and services for their wedding were locally made and/or ethically produced. The search for a handmade wedding dress led her to the doorstep of our studio.

Emma had tried on a few wedding dresses before visiting us but it was our ‘Eleanor’ gown that stole her heart. The intricate beaded lace and the epic soft silk chiffon skirt were the finer details Emma was looking for in a handmade wedding dress. We started on Emma’s dress six months before her wedding, she had four or five fittings before picking up her handmade wedding dress two weeks before her wedding. We even helped Emma decide on the perfect veil for her dress, a gorgeous fingertip length veil that ensured all the detail of her gown could still be seen!

Emma & Luke wed at the Perth Uniting Church in the CBD before heading to the Perth Hills for their reception at Darlington Estate Winery.


You guys honestly made me feel incredible. I tried so many dresses in stores and they were all just missing the little bit of glam that I wanted, and the lace we used NAILED that!! The dress turned out better than I ever dreamed, even though I was nervous about committing to a product I couldn’t see at the beginning. You guys totally set me at ease, the process was so fun and I felt so beautiful on the day, I still get comments about how incredible my dress was! You’re truly masters of your craft and I have so much satisfaction knowing that I truly felt amazing and that no one else in the world has the same dress as me. Highly, highly recommend getting dresses made by you two geniuses!

Images by Ben & Ebony

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Catherine’s Blush Pink Wedding Dress – Perth

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Catherine’s Blush Pink Wedding Dress – Perth

Catherine and Phil travelled home to Scotland to get married at Menzies Castle. Their special day was filled with traditional Scottish festivities such as drinking whiskey and dancing! Their loved ones travelled near and far to enjoy this magical day, as it turned out they even jagged some spectacular weather in September.

Catherine came to us with a few ideas in mind and tried on one of our samples which she really liked the style of. We sat down and I drew up a design that ticked all the boxes – lace, buttons, cap sleeves, v-neck… after giving the go ahead and four fittings Catherine picked up her blush pink wedding dress. We always like to help our bride put together the finishing touches so when Catherine came to us with an idea for a veil, we were happy to have a play! The veil has since been named the ‘Catherine’ veil and complimented her lace and blush pink wedding dress perfectly.

Enjoy Catherine’s comments about her special day below.

Photos by Eilidh Robertson Photography

Elvi Design Blush Pink Wedding Dress-23


“Buttons! As you know they were one of my ultimate must haves of the dress, I practically planned the dress around the buttons and they were just perfect!”

Elvi Design Blush Pink Wedding Dress-24

The Veil

“I was obsessed with my veil! The ‘Catherine’ veil, it came out better than I could have imagined, the material was absolutely amazing, I refused to take it off the whole day because I was so in love with it, it matched my style and accentuated my hairstyle.”

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Scottish Traditions

“This was us post the ceremony taking a drink of whisky from my home town of Pencaitland (tiny village of 2000 people) this is traditionally drunk out of a quaich, Symbolic of the sharing between the couple, it’s an ancient vessel used by two families or clans, to celebrate a bond, with each leader partaking of the offered drink. As you can see in the picture, I don’t like whisky very much!”

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The Venue

“This 17th century Scottish castle, home to the Menzies clan. The weather was incredible and owed to some of the amazing shots we got on the day. I didn’t pray for sunshine as I didn’t want to be disappointed so it was an absolute pleasure to be gifted with the sun on the day!”

Elvi Design Blush Pink Wedding Dress-29

The Flower Girl

“My little flower girl who wanted to carry my dress all day, she took her job very seriously! When I was 14 her Mum asked me to be a bridesmaid so I thought it only fitting to have her daughter as a flower girl, she was over the moon.”

Elvi Design Blush Pink Wedding Dress-22

Scottish Dancing

“The dress was so lightweight and perfect for all the dancing that went on, I don’t think I sat down for a single song! We also had ceilidh dancing which is tradition Scottish dancing and so much fun when everyone has had a couple of drinks and think they know how to do the dances.”

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