March, 2022

Eleanor’s French Lace and Silk Wedding Gown

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Eleanor’s French Lace and Silk Wedding Gown

I was wondering why it had been so long since I blogged. Then I realised I’ve been busy being ‘Mum’ and we’ve had COVID to contend with which has, unfortunately, turned wedding plans for so many on their head. Eleaner was one of my COVID brides, not that would you know, she held her head high and carried on with her wedding plans. A postponement and then their wedding went ahead the following October.

Eleanor had a very good idea of what her wedding gown would look like and had been following my work for some time when she booked a design consultation. I sketched a design for Eleanor, the design consisted of two parts. A grand ball gown design for her ceremony and a fun tea-length wedding gown for her reception. It took a lot of time to consider all the elements and put them together to make both of outfits seamless.

The Ball Gown

Eleanor’s ceremony design featured elegant 3/4 lace sleeves and a french lace bodice appliquéd by hand. The bodice was attached to a silk tea-length skirt that was hidden! We placed a petticoat and a large silk overskirt over the tea-length skirt to create the grand ball-gown design. The design was finished with handmade buttons down the back and beautiful, silk bow.

Tea-length Party Dress

For the reception, Eleanor removed the long petticoat and the silk overskirt to reveal – a tea-length design! For the tea-length design to shine, she also popped on a petticoat. The skirt design featured a fine lace of french lace, for the design to be fully appreciated, the petticoat helped to provide the skirt shape. I think the photos of Eleanor dancing speak a thousand words…

In my opinion, the tea-length wedding dress is the ULTIMATE party dress!


“I spotted Elvi Designs on a bridal blog in around 2012. The dress was a magnificent lace tea length gown of my dreams and when it was finally my turn to go dress shopping 7 years later, I tracked them down and didn’t look back. I had an image in my mind for all of those years and knew no one else would deliver it better. But as my first appointment approached, I decided I needed a full length gown as well. Sandra sketched the dress to a tee and worked out a removable overskirt so I could have my dress both ways. An elegant A line princess dress for the ceremony and a fun lace 1950’s dress for the reception! 
Each fitting was fun and exciting and I loved seeing my dress be built around me. I was able to pick the silk colour and the lace patterns and every touch was guided perfectly by Sandra and Brigitta. They also created an ethereal silk and lace veil and blush belt to finish the tea gown as well as two sets of petticoats. Nothing was overlooked. At my last appointment, Sandra asked me what I was going to do with my dress after the wedding. Frame it! When I get a house big enough, I want to frame the dress and hang it on my wall in the walk in robe. I also hope that my veil will be used as a family heirloom, passed down to my daughters and their daughters.
I can’t thank you enough Sandra and Brigitta.”

~ Eleanor Flett

Photos by Photo Gerson

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