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Nat’s NYC Elopement Lace Wedding Dress

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Nat’s NYC Elopement Lace Wedding Dress

Oh boy, I just love New York! I was super excited to see Nat and Brendon’s elopement photos in my inbox.

We created a beautiful lace wedding dress with sweet little off-the-shoulder sleeves. The gown fitted Nat like a glove and was just perfect for their elopement. Nat accessorised the gown with a birdcage veil and a lace headpiece that we also created.

Nat and Brendon married in Central Park and then spent the evening wandering around Central Park and the streets of NYC. They were very relaxed and had no formal plans for the day. They ended up celebrating over drinks at a rooftop bar before eating burgers at Shake Shack as their official ‘wedding dinner’. I thought this was brilliant and exactly what an elopement should be!

“My dress was just beautiful, I seriously could not have asked for a better dress! It was so comfortable that I didn’t want to get out of it and we had so many New Yorkers coming up and congratulating us and telling us how great we looked” – Nat, May 2015

Images by Kristy May Photography

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Maddy’s Polka Dot Wedding Dress with Pockets

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Maddy’s Polka Dot Wedding Dress with Pockets

Maddy and Jani tied the knot in the backyard of their family home. It was a perfect Autumn day in Perth for these two lovers!

To match their fun-filled wedding, Maddy had in mind a wedding dress with lots of details. She was hoping for a big skirt, polka dots, a bow and a wedding dress with pockets! We created a beautiful full skirt made from crisp silk dupion and a fitted bodice with a illusion neckline made from the finest polka dot mesh. The gown was finished with a bow and buttons down the back. We even made a sweet little flyaway veil with a flat bow at the top. It was a very fun bridal look for Maddy and suited her personality perfectly!

Take a look through the photos below and read Maddy’s wedding planning tips…

Maddy’s Dream Team // Photographer – Kyle Hepp / Make up – Kristy Ellis / Hair – Kayla Marshall / Styling – The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator  / Food – Soiree Catering

Maddy  Jani 116 Maddy  Jani 122 Maddy  Jani 145 Maddy  Jani 182

How did your wedding dress make you feel?

Surprisingly enough my wedding dress made me feel exactly like ME. I felt glamorous and a little cheeky at the same time. I wanted my dress to be classic and simple but still fun and playful and that is exactly what it was.

Maddy  Jani 186 Maddy  Jani 280 Maddy  Jani 422

Any special tips on how to plan a wedding?

I owe all my wedding planning happiness to our wedding stylist Jess. She was one of the first suppliers we booked and was an endless source of wedding knowledge. She put us in contact with the caterer (who was amazing and exactly what we were looking for), the lovely Charlotte Haygarth who made our cakes (all 3 of them – YUM), our celebrant, and most importantly Sandra and Birgitta at Elvi Designs who made my dream dress. We were so happy with all the suppliers she helped us find and without her I don’t think there would have been much of a wedding. So I guess my tip is find someone who knows about weddings and pick their brain. Lets face it, for most brides this is the one and only time we will have anything to do with the wedding industry, most of us know nothing about planning a wedding and often have no idea where to start, so finding someone in the industry and asking them questions is the way to go. Even if you don’t have a wedding planner/stylist like I did, I think any vendor you have will be happy to point you in the right direction. I was also very lucky to have an amazing friend and make up artist who saved my bacon when I decided to find a new hairdresser 2 weeks before the wedding. Seriously find a vendor that you get along with and suck all the knowledge out of them. It’s way easer that doing research yourself.

Maddy  Jani 504 Maddy  Jani 529

What style of wedding did you go for?

We wanted something simple, fun and intimate. Originally we had a guest list of  15, which grew to 30 and which ultimately ended up being 45 (including bride and groom). It was perfect. We are not the most open couple when it comes to public displays of affection and love declarations and we couldn’t imagine sharing such an intimate moment with a big crowd. In the end it was absolutely perfect and felt very special to share the moment with a our closest friends and family and the people that were most important in our lives. The reception was also pretty perfect, everyone mingled and got along really well and I think lots of new friendships were made on the night. Because it was such a small group, rather then everyone just hanging out in their usual friend groups, they mingled more with new people. Everyone was included and everyone got along and had a good time. I was really worried about how all the different people would mix, but I needn’t have. Everyone got along so well, I get warm fuzzies thinking about it. 

Maddy  Jani 540 Maddy  Jani 617 Maddy  Jani 683


When I met with Sandra and Birgitta I didn’t really have much of an idea of what I wanted in a wedding dress. I had been dress shopping on a couple of occasions previously and tried on a few dresses which weren’t bad but nothing had really felt special, along with that, I had also found the whole experience of bridal shopping very disheartening. It was nothing like on “Say Yes to the Dress”!  After a quick chat with Sandra we had narrowed down a style and picked out fabric and I felt happier and more excited than I had after hours of trying on dresses in bridal salons. The whole process of creating the dress was a pleasure. It was such a joy to catch up every few weeks and see the dress progress from a blurry image in my mind, to a drawing on a piece of paper to the amazing finished product. In all honesty it was difficult at times for a control freak like me to trust that the dress would turn out the way I wanted (half the time I didn’t really know what I wanted anyway). There were a few sleepless nights when I worried that the skirt wasn’t going to be big enough, or that maybe I hadn’t chosen the most flattering neckline, but Sandra and Birgitta always put my mind at ease, and if they found my bouts indecisiveness frustrating they never showed it. When I tried on the finished dress it was like Sandra had reached inside my head and found a picture of myself as a bride that I didn’t even know existed and made it a reality. It was like she had taken all the best parts of my personality and turned them into a very pretty dress that suited me, my husband and our whole wedding perfectly. Sandra and Birgitta are amazing at what they do, they were able to turn all my crazy ideas – pockets, polka dots and big bows – into something beautiful.

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