Molly’s Custom Made Wedding Dress Perth

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Molly’s Custom Made Wedding Dress Perth

When trying to find the right dress, Molly looked at a few bridal shops and even travelled interstate to see what was available. She ended up deciding on a custom made wedding dress because it meant she didn’t have to compromise on the design or the quality and it would be made to fit her perfectly.

When we met with Molly for her custom made wedding dress, we discussed her ideas and she tried on some of our samples. I then sketched up the design to suit her personal style and body shape. We then discussed the fall and drape of fabrics and decided on a soft, flowing silk georgette in natural ivory (a very flattering shade on most people). Molly wasn’t keen on lots of beading (and to be honest, neither am I) so I found a gorgeous little lace scollop to accent her waist. The lace detail was the perfect feminine touch to her custom made wedding dress. Molly’s gown was finished with handmade buttons down the back.

Molly & Sam wed at The Guildhall in North Fremantle, an elegant venue with rich interior detail. They then had photos around Fremantle before heading back to the venue to celebrate with family and friends.

Photos are by ByJP Photography – James Presneill based in Canberra / Hair piece by Ulyana Aster / Hair & Makeup by Kira De Spain / Bouquets by Prestige Flowers and Co / Venue: Guildhall Event Space, North Fremantle

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Testimonial //

I chose to get my dress made because I had tried on a number of dresses that were almost there but not quite, and I wasn’t ready to make a commitment to a dress that I wasn’t totally in love with. One dress in particular that I loved was the correct style but covered in beads, and I knew dead-set I didn’t want beading. So I took this ‘Grecian’ theme to Elvi Design and Sandy did an amazing job of interpreting my idea for a Greek goddess style dress and adding some oomph, (not to be outshined by the groom of course!) And I’m so glad I did, because what I ended up with was a custom made wedding dress that was as beautiful as I imagined, fit me like a glove, and is the only one of its kind because it was made just for me.

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The Venue

We got married at the Guildhall Event Space in North Fremantle. A couple of weeks before the One Fine Day fair 2016, Sam and I were having dinner at the Dominion League in Northbridge and discussing how it’s vibe was really cool and that we could see ourselves having our wedding there. We met Ashley (event coordinator) from Guildhall at One Fine Day and while looking through the photos of the space, I made a comment about how similar the décor and vibes were to Dominion League, wherein she told me that actually they’ve got the same owner! It was a sign! The look and the vibe was just what we wanted, what was included in their package was priced well, and the décor meant we didn’t have to do anything extra to add to the space.

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The Important Stuff

There were a lot of things I thought would be super important to me on my wedding day, but when it actually came down to it, the most important thing to me was that by the end of it we were married. I’d spent the last 5 years watching my friends getting together, getting engaged, and getting married, and now it was my turn. I had the dress I wanted, I got to walk down the aisle to the song I had picked, I got to hang out with my closest friends all day. And at the end of it, I got to go home with my husband.

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