Esther’s Relaxed Wrap Wedding Dress

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Esther’s Relaxed Wrap Wedding Dress

Esther and Sam exchanged vows in a field in Guildford surrounded by family and friends. They followed up their relaxed ceremony with a ‘Summer Fiesta’ party in a friends backyard. The most important thing to these two was the feel of the day, “ultimately we wanted the whole day to feel natural and relaxed but fun and festive too.”

We were introduced to Esther by some of our previous Elvi brides which made the process really special. We worked with Esther to create a soft and relaxed wrap wedding dress made from the finest silk georgette and finished with a touch of lace.

At Esther’s final fitting she saw a veil hanging up with the sweetest little lace edge and she asked if she could try it on. It made the dress and it was at that moment, Esther knew she had to have it! I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a veil, there is something so magical about putting a veil on!

Photography: Nika Savins // Gown & Veil: Elvi Design // Make-up: Milla Make-Up //Hair: Vintage Hairess // Flowers: Fox + Rabbit // Bow-ties: Gentlemen + Scholar


What kind of bride did you want to be?

Relaxed, completely myself and fun.

How did your wedding dress make you feel?

Exactly like the bride I wanted to be: relaxed, myself and able to have fun. I LOVED my dress because it was made just for me and I got to design it with Sandra.

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What was the most important thing to you on your wedding day?

The feel of the day: ultimately we wanted the whole day to feel natural and relaxed but fun and festive too.

Who was your favourite supplier to work with?

Honestly, ALL OF THEM! I truly believe we had the best people working to bring our vision of the wedding to life. Elvi Design (of course!), Milla Make-Up, Fox + Rabbit, Gentlemen + Scholar, Chicho Gelato, Vintage Hairess and definitely the people you want in your face with a camera all day: Nika Savins Photographer and Direct Films.

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How did you find your venue?

We knew the vibe and feel of the day that we wanted and knew a venue wouldn’t fit, so it was a bit of a mission to find our ‘venues’! Sam was actually the one to find our ceremony spot, which was a field in Guildford, around the corner from my home. I loved it and it perfectly suited what we wanted our ceremony to be. One of our close friends offered his beautiful backyard for us to use, which was also close to the ceremony spot as well so it ended up all working perfectly!

Do you have any advice you’d like to pass on to other brides?

DIY is a lot more work than it looks! If you go down that road, consider paying someone to style it so you’re not doing 2am nights the week of your wedding (like I did haha!) and make sure you have really amazing friends that will help you out (like I did also!)


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